Roman Triebelhorn is the founder of the design studio Love Pavlov based in Stuttgart. He studied International Economics in Moscow and Design in Würzburg. The studio focuses on conveying of identity with the means of visual communication.
Ivan Pavlov was a pioneer of behavioral science. Design studio Love Pavlov extended his principle of conditioning to the field of visual communication in order to transport the identity and the core message of a company, of a brand, of a campaign, of a project or product to the recipient as lossless and activating as possible.
The accumulated experience in the channels web, print and space confirms the effectiveness of the right formula containing anthropological marketing, perceptual psychology and top performance design.
Pavlov is not the guy with the dog. Pavlov is the guy with the bell.
Roman Triebelhorn continues to work intensively on art and design. He also teaches presentation techniques at the faculty of Industrial Design, State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart.
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